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I am a major Brittana and Doccubus shipper! I'm 19 & I love the Walking Dead, OITNB, AHS, Lost Girl, Glee, annnd I have a thing for superheroes!!! Message me if ya wanna chat!! My kik: meagaliciousl, Insta: meagalicious


Sarah with Cosima’s glasses is my fav thing ever


everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

And it’s gonna get even more complex in season 2 because it’s so many things at once. It’s lovers, it’s coworkers, it’s eventually - I don’t know if I can say that - but gonna be a patient-doctor relationship. Experiment-scientist. It’s so much, you know? It makes it so rich.


Evelyne Brochu - Ask OB (x

Her laugh is the most precious thing in this world

Cophine + height difference

…contrary to the biological facts.


Alright Delphine, we know. No need to brag.

cophine a summary
sarah: cosima no
cosima: COSIMA YES
OB Writers: How about we make Delphine say something in French.
OB Writers: Yeah, obvs.
OB Writers: OK, cool. What if she calls Cosima a puppy, and then Cosima is like "no girl, you're the puppy."
OB Writers: That will make the entire Cophine fandom grow wings and fly into the sun...lets do it.
-Actual conversation that definitely happened in the writers room, probably.